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  • Bottom gusset of stand-up pouches will be open easily to ensure stable standing even for the light products.
  • Plastic inside makes the stand-up pouch sealable with simple machinery for tamper proof pouches.
  • All our pouches are Food Grade, BPA free laminate, comply with Eu No 10/2011 regulation amendment 2018/831.
  • Highest quality zipper ensures numerous open and close.
  • No sharp edges, no danger for children or external packages in the courier.
  • Standard easy tear on all doypacks.
  • All our Foil Stand Up Pouches come with open zipper. Doypacks with open zipper will save you time and energy during filling process.
  • Aluminum is the ultimate high barrier for oxygen, water vapor and light

Valve option for Foil Stand Up Pouch 

  • One-way degassing valve will get the gas out of the bag but will not let any external vapor or gas in. The customer can smell the product through the degassing valve too.
  • Please send us an e-mail if you need Stand up Pouches with valve