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We are happy to introduce Bio Based & Metal Free Kraft Stand Up Pouches also Kraft Flat Bottom Pouches with high barrier, new members of our Eco Friendly Pouch Series.

Bio Based is one of the best answers to sustainability concerns. Bio Plastic producing process captures Co2 from the atmosphere during manufacturing process (-3.09KG of Co2 / KG of plastic) while fossil based plastic production process releases Co2 (+2KG of Co2 / KG of plastic). For more information on the benefits of bio-based plastics please Click

We offer barrier without metal so that pouches can go through metal detectors safely. These pouches are ideal for companies looking for a sustainable eco-friendly solution with real virgin kraft paper outside and rigid display.

 We have the options with one-way degassing valve and surface print on low quantities.

Please send us an e-mail if you need Stand up Pouches with valve